1. Q. What is an affiliate program?
  2. A. An affiliate program offers you the opportunity to earn commissions by promoting BookIt.com products on your site. Affiliate marketing runs on a CPA (Cost per Acquisition) pricing structure, in which you are compensated for every sale that your site refers for BookIt.com.

  1. Q. What are the qualifications to become a BookIt.com affiliate?
  2. A. This depends greatly on the level of participation that you are looking for. Travel bloggers, deal/coupon publishers, and independent travel agents may prefer to work through our established affiliate networks.

  1. Q. Why should I join the BookIt.com affiliate program? How do I join?
  2. A. By partnering with BookIt.com through an affiliate network, we can grow revenue together. You will receive competitive commissions on all of the sales that you refer to BookIt.com. Just fill out the form to become an affiliate, and one of our program specialists will reach out to you about next steps toward participation.

  1. Q. How will I know if I’ve been accepted into the program?
  2. A. If you choose to join one of our affiliate publisher programs (eBay Enterprise or CommissionJunction), you will receive confirmation from the network directly.

  1. Q. Does it cost anything to join the affiliate program?
  2. A. To join an one of our affiliate publisher networks is free.

  1. Q. Am I obligated to work exclusively with BookIt.com?
  2. A. No, if you establish a relationship with eBay Enterprises or CommissionJunction, you have the option to publish any affiliate promotions and ads available through those affiliate networks on your site.

  1. Q. Can affiliates have multiple sites under one account?
  2. A. Yes. All hotel and package sales on these sites will earn commission.